Video Game Challenge: Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell vs. Omega

My Experience At The Retro Game Night

Greg Was Issued A Video Game Challenge

This is one of the video game challenges that I have received from the Final Fantasy Community. It is one of the superbosses from the Final Fantasy series.

In Final Fantasy V, there are two main superbosses in the game, Omega and Shinyru. This is not the Game Boy Advance version but the one that you can acquire from the Playstation Network (PSN). Therefore it is a similar version from the Japanese Famicon edition. So let me stop my yapping and let you watch the video.


Video Game Challenge Video



Video Game Challenge Information

I have included information on the logistics of what I had did to accomplish this task of destroying this enemy.

The interesting thing is that I had the opportunity of beating Omega not once, not twice, but three times before I made this video. I had to reset the game after the first two wins because I forgot to record.

Bartz – Bare
Reina – Red Mage
Krille – Mime
Faris – Archer

This superboss in my opinion has to be one of the easiest superbosses in the Final Fantasy Series.

Also check out the next blog in the series to check out me defeating the next superboss, Shinryu.

I offer you an opportunity to submit a video game challenge or if there is a video game that you want me to review then feel free to comment below or join my Facebook fanpage and submit it there.

Again thank you all for checking out my page and blog post. I hope you all enjoyed it and if you were one of the people that that it was impossible to beat the boss, Omega, I hope it inspire and empower you to do the same thing I did and defeat the barrier of impossibility.

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Till then look out for the next blog and have a great day,

Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell

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