Hello everyone, This page gives you an opportunity to check out different performances I have done over the progression of my comedy career of course every performance will not be posted but you and check out my youtube page by clicking here.


First video is my very first comedy show that I have did. I did not know it was a competition and I placed 8th out of 25 comedians. This is my first performance called “Nintendo”.

This is my second performance that I had did. I was still in shock that I did the first one and now doing my second performance. As you can see there was a slight improvement, however not that much of a difference. It seem like the more
I did it the easier and better things become. Here is the second performance: The Tale Of The Stupid People


This is another skit that I have done that is based off of a true story. It was a person that I went to school with. This is the quick background of Captain Ricardo

This comedy skit is called Meet The Family, a humorous story about meeting the family for the first time.
Some family are more interesting than others.

Here is a skit that I had performed in regards to church. This is also the beginning of the character Deacon Jebadiah Talver which is based on a real deacon but I changed the name.

Here is another skit that I have did about the three guys that always try to give me what they call as “wisdom”. This skit is called, ” Wise Men”

Finally this is my first paid comedy show at Homegrown. After doing comedy for 3 months I had did my first paid gig in August. I am so honored to be considered to do the one year special for the show and not only that, I am
humbled to know that over 10,000 views have been to this video below at the time of this posting.


More videos will be added as I go through my performances and feel free to check out my other videos by clicking below:

Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell Youtube Page – General Page

Da Spokesman Comedy Channel – Comedy Page

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