Most people will know me as an internet marketer, real estate investor, and/or entrepreneur.
However when I am not doing those things I take time an indulge in the things that I consider
my other passions and/or talents. Some of the things on the list that I have included are:


I really enjoy the idea of taking taking different items or ingredients and mixing them together
and the end product is what I call a work of art while others may call it a meal. Check out the
Culinary Arts Section for more information.


In May 2013, I had an opportunity to do stand up comedy and I took it and ran with it. It has been
an interesting journey thus far and just trying to find my mode of comedy that suits me. I look
forward to see where this journey will take me. Check out the Comedy Section to take the journey
with me.


I remember at a young watching TV and seeing this flashy young move across the screen like he was
dancing on air. From that moment, I wanted to do the same thing. I had practiced his moves and it was
hard at first but I was able to do some of them. The man name by the way was Michael Jackson. Later
I saw dancers like Fred and Ginger and others that danced together and the energy they share sparked
it even more. Check out my Dance section of dance videos I was able to capture of myself.


I remember listening to the old school artist like Al Green, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder. However it was
a young lady by the name of Faith Evans and he song Reasons that made music click for me. I started
playing in the band in middle school. I wanted to play saxophone for some reason but it was too expensive.
So I ended up playing the trombone.

This instrument opened doors to other instruments like baritone,trumpet, coronet, french horn, mellophone,
tuba, sousaphone, etc. Currently I strayed away from the brass instruments and working on guitar and keyboard. Unfortunately you will not hear my music in the Music Section or maybe you will. You will never know just go and
check it out.

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