Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction Part 3

Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction

Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction: Let Us Go To Another Level

We have covered a good amount of information that has set the premise and we continue to build upon the former. Now we are going to go further into the discussion and uncover the Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction.

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Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction Part 3Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction: DISBELIEF


No matter how badly you want something, if you don’t believe it’s possible, you will resist it. Perhaps you’ve set some lofty goals for yourself, things that almost seem too good to be true. Perhaps you want to be a millionaire, but you’re currently earning $15,000 per year. Or you want to meet your soulmate, but you long ago convinced yourself that he or she doesn’t exist. Turning these negative beliefs around is CRUCIAL to attracting your desires!

For every limiting belief you hold, I want you to take a blank sheet of paper and come up with ten reasons why your desires are POSSIBLE. It’s important to make the reasons believable and logical. For example, “It’s possible for me to become a millionaire because other people have done it, and some of them started with less than what I have now!” Or, “It’s possible that my soulmate exists because I simply haven’t met every person on the planet yet. He or she might be searching for me even as I search for him/her!”

Keep repeating these reasons to yourself, until you are absolutely CONVINCED that your desires are indeed possible.

Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction: DUALITY


Do your day-to-day thoughts, feelings, and actions paint a very different picture than the affirmations and visualizations you project? Are you affirming your financial prosperity while at the same time worrying about your bills? Both realities CANNOT co-exist in your life. Either you’re prosperous, or you’re not. Either you’re successful, or you’re not. Either you’re healthy, or you’re besieged by aches and pains.

At every possible moment, you need to let go of your old reality – even if it means pretending that the symptoms of lack, struggle, and illness do not exist. At the very beginning, it will be a challenge to do this fully, but if you keep at it day after day, repeatedly turning your attention to thoughts of wellness, abundance, and joy, and focusing less on lack, struggle, and illness, you begin to shift your reality to what you focus on the most.


Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction: Join Us For Part 4


We have covered some of the Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction.Stay tuned for the next installment of the Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction in Part 4.

Thank you and may prosperity and blessings come to you and your family.



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Take Care and God Bless,

Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell

Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction











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Key Ways We Hinder The Law Of Attraction


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    Love the law of attraction Greg. Great points you made. Disbelief is ourselves and our potential will keep you stuck. Saying one thing and believing another is the duality battle that many people face. Outside and inside beliefs have to be congruent. Thanks for sharing.

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