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Sites That Are Owned By Greg Stargell

Greg Stargell is the owner of Different sites. The sites are mainly to help people in different arenas as well as those who are apart of any of his teams

The list of sites that Greg Stargell is the main contributing author of are:

Small Business Tips

Protect My Goods

Awesome Rate Of Return

Gregory Stargell Empower Network Blog

Living Against The River

Small Business Tips

Small Business Tips is a site that contains valuable information for a person who has or looking to start a small business, mlm/network marketing, direct sales, and/or affiliate marketing opportunity. From the sake of the blog, Greg Stargell defines any business that has 500 or less employees is considered a small business. Three are three key areas the blog focuses on which are: Business, Marketing, and Mindset.

Business: The main things that would be need to run a business and key tips to get the most out of your workforce or team.

Marketing: Greg Stargell believes this is one of the parts of the business that is similar; no matter what industry you are classified. This would compromise of not only obtaining new customers or recruits but ways to nourish the relationships you have with your current customers and/or recruits.

Mindset: Most people will tell you that 80% of any small business is mental. That is why Greg Stargell included this category. There are certain key things or mindset that a person has to be in to run a successful company or opportunity. Greg also stated that sometimes life does not play fair and it can hit you really hard but it is how you prepare and react to those situations that will determine if you will be a failure or a success.

At the top of the blog, there are products that are offered to help one succeed in the business world. Make sure to check out this blog, Small Business Tips, or share with those who you know are interested in starting a business or opportunity and check out the products that are there to help you as well.

Protect My Goods

Protect My Goods is a site that provides information on how to protect some of things that you care about like your house, car, computer data, and even your identity. Identity theft has been on the raise as well as car and home burglaries have been steadily increasing. Greg Stargell developed this blog site to supply key products he believe that would be beneficial to everyone as well as information how a person can best use the products to safe guard their home, car, computers, and identity.

So go to Protect My Goods to gain insight on how to protect some of your greatest assets.


Awesome Rate Of Return

Awesome Rate of Return is a site that is dedicated to the real estate and investment arena. Greg Stargell is very passionate about the real estate and investment arena. Greg is the owner of Stargell Enterprise LLC which is a commercial real estate investment firm that focuses on apartments, storage units, hotels, and resorts. The company currently focuses on the following markets and surrounding areas:

Atlanta, GA

Huntsville, AL

Destin, FL

Virginia Beach, VA

Hawaii (Kauai, Oahu, and Maui)

Even though the blog is mainly for the investors and soon to be investors, it is a great blog to get an understanding of the real estate market.

Awesomeness League

International League Of Awesomeness is a community of people also known as Awesomeness League. This community provides people with knowledge and training in order for them to unleash their “Inner Awesomeness”. The International League of Awesomeness has two teams which are:

Wealthy Techies is dedicated to helping people live the life of their dreams through technology.

H&W Allstars is dedicated to helping people achieve great health and wealth while looking good at the same time.

Living Against The River

Living Against The River is a nonprofit organization/community that focuses on helping people achieves balance in the six core areas and looking at methods that is different than what the majority is doing. Greg Stargell lists these as the six core areas: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial, and Spiritual. The goal is that the information presented within the group and the organizations LATR will support can help people live a more fulfilled life and share the information with others.

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