About Greg

About Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell

Greg was born and raised in a single parent household in the inner city of Atlanta.

Greg has lived my life with creativity and innovation . Greg learned at a young age the principles of leadership, management, and other soft skills through different clubs and organizations like Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, GEM, and others.

Greg is the oldest of four children (three sisters) with skills that range from Public Speaking, Computers, Engineering, Science, Culinary Arts, Comedy and even Dancing.

When Greg was in high school, based on my proficiency in Spanish and great people skills,he was selected as a Junior Diplomat. This culminated in a trip to Spain with 15 other students for a semester.Greg lived with a host family in the city Seville (Sevilla). Where Greg attended high school, Nervion, and was totally immersed in the language for the full four months he was there. He graduated from high school at South Atlanta High School where he graduated second in his class with a 4.02 GPA.

Greg also earned the following degrees:

PhD in Physics at Alabama A&M University

MS in Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University

BS in Physics with minor in Computer Science

Greg has worked and operated in many roles where he had to practice leadership and communication skills. He also was able to use his work experience to build teams and negotiate contracts. Greg received the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs. He has received extensive leadership, communication, team building and management training through his career.

Greg serves as an active member of the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce and Madison County Real Estate Investor Association. He is also involved in Toastmasters where he received the title of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) on March 20, 2014. Greg also served as the President of the CEO Roundtable and the Von Braun Speakers.

Currently, he runs three entities that are evolving as they grow which are: Stargell Enterprise, Living Against The River, and International League Of Awesomeness

You can click on each of them to find out more information about them or you can click the Business tab.

Greg is also the contributing author of different sites which can be found on the tab called Greg’s Sites

Greg likes helping others on the road to becoming balanced individuals while operating in their true potential (which he calls Unleashing Their Inner Awesomeness).

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