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Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell Information

Greg "Da Spokesman" Stargell

Welcome to Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell’s Page

Dr. Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell is a fun loving, well rounded guy. He enjoys hobbies like latin dancing, stand up comedy, playing music, cooking, and video games.

Greg aim is to share with you his passions as well as help you to get on the path where you can live you dreams and passions.

Updates On Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell’s calendar and events:

August 16, 2013 : Greg had his first paid comedy show at the Flying Monkey. You can check out the video below.

If you are in the Huntsville, make sure you come out and check out Greg and other Huntsville comedians as they bring you laughter and enjoyment at different locations. Please feel free to come up to Greg after the shows to speak with him. He is a very approachable person.

Greg “Da Spokesman” Stargell is making a comic book

Greg is currently in the process of developing a comic book series with a main hero that he had developed called Da Spokesman.Here is the initial concept of the character. There is no set date at the moment for the release of the first edition but keep your eyes and ears open so you can get your issue.


Greg is working behind the scenes to develop the team site and essentials

Greg has been and still is working had on the develop of the team site and material. Greg wants to inform everyone that as things get more completed he will unleash more things to the public however at the moment he is only unleashing the logo of the team. Make sure to stay tuned as well as if you have not joined our team make sure you do it before Greg finishes everything so you can be in the front of the movement. If you would like to join make sure you click our team logo to join.


Also feel free to click here to check other sites that Greg authors to give you information on different topics from security, business owners, and even achieving balance.

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